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Hot Basil chicken cups
PC :mamgoto

Mamagoto, India’s leading Pan-Asian café opens its yellow doors for the 9th time, at Chennai, Mamagoto literally translated from Japanese means “to play with food”, and that is the very ethos of the concept – to make Asian eating fun, unpretentious and casua. Mamagoto’s brand new teppanyaki grill also makes its debut in Chennai






This is situated at the KNK road the buzz place of Nungambakkam, not very hard to spot the oyster building which earlier had colours of Benetton showroom . The restaurant runs on the 1st floor while the ground floor is engaged to parking space.

PC :Mamagoto


The first thing you step into the first floor of the restaurant you can see veranda occupied by colourful sofas with graphic art cushions, the moment Which takes you to another dimension and Make you say ‘wow’ is the ambience inside the Restaurant , Looks like rainbow art has occupied the space with light and colour, natural forms of wood, metal and threads intertwined with graphic art. There was number of paintings on the wooden walls which were unique and represented the Asian classic and they are on sale too so If you like it you can buy It.!



A first look at the menu will make your taste buds go hungry .never seen a colour menu like Mamagoto’s for a long time. Very creative and innovative thinking put together to come up with the menu like this. The menu lists Grilled, soups, Rice bowls, curries, Wok dishes, No tantrums (non-alcoholic cleansers), Desserts. They also have sings on all the items which describes to be Old Favourite, Healthy eating, Mama Recommendation, Spicy. Which gives us the ideas about the food .Pretty Interesting!

DRINKS – Non Alcoholic Cleansers

#Watermelon beach – A Classic Summer Special (Fresh watermelon mixed with mint and lime)
#Passion fruit and orange cooler (Fresh pulpy passion fruit mixed with citrus flavours) -instant refreshing.

#Virgin sangria (blend of herbs and juices )- gives you a Great sangria rendition and the splash of fresh herbs and blend of juices gives a subtle flavour to the drink.
#Chennai Chiller (Smoothie) – a innovative one !

rock shrimp tempura
pc :Mamagoto


#Hau Hin Highway rolls – is one of the most complementing veg starters we had for the day, perfectly seasoned rolls in cheese a delight to vegetarians and we ended up ordering another !

#Vegetable Basil cups – It looked quiet a thrill ,spread in a flat wooden holder ,basil leaf has been stuffed with some Thai seasoned veggies , The process of eating this was fun – you go to fold the basil leaves and throw it in your mouth .

#Crispy chilli potato – a very usual dish, the food manager wasn’t happy when we told her we have ordered chilli potato since it’s a regular starter everywhere not a Asian Spl.

#The beach shack soyagarlic robata marignade assortment mushroom- stacks of mushroom (bland taste not even a basic seasoning salt or pepper ) arranged in a skewer accompanied by a sauce. Even a mushroom lover can’t take more than a bite ,very moderate to bad dish I tasted here or only disappointing starter of the day.

#Honey Chicken with Bell Peppers – Another usual dish strips of chicken deep fried and honey glazed , No complaints everyone enjoyed it well.

#street chicken satay – this was another mouth watering dish , chicken was grilled and skewed which was arranged and presented in grill setup served with a delicious dipping .

#Rock shrimp tempura – My personal Favourite and I highly recommend this to seafood lovers ! The way the dish was served is quiet a appetite , a bowl has been stuffed with crisp shrimps seasoned with a delightfully And the dipping was perfect.

Chiang mai train station noodle vegetable
PC : Mamagoto


Since everyone is New to this Asian cuisine we left the main dish ordering to the staff to give us the signature dishes of Mamagoto :

#Stir fried Chicken Udon noodles – Not a Fan of Noodles , but I wanted to try all the dishes on the table , this tasted like more of Thai chicken curry far better tasted than other main dishes.

#Street vendor’s Penang curry bowl in mixed vegetables – I loved the way it has been served ,a big black bowl of sticky rice mixed with vegetables in Penang curry is defenetly worth a try. (The food manager recommend dish)

#The soggy Thai Basil fried chicken rice -coming to the last dish I felt almost all the dishes tasted similar it’s Thai and basil or chicken and sticky rice.

I dint enjoy the main dishes since all the items were purely Asian and a pure chennaiate like me wanting to try the exquisite Asian cuisine is a difficult start,even tho I perfectly enjoyed the drinks and starters .
This is most favourite part, when we all done with the dishes and looking at the menu for some desserts all I could say is ‘wow’ ! Exciting items on the menu literally made us crazy for desserts. They dint spare time gaps in bringing up the desserts to the table,it’s like on Que. and we ending up in a confusion state to taste which one first.

#Banoffe pie – HEAVEN , the first time I tried this dessert and it tasted delightful,the base was crusted with biscuits and topped off with banana and caramel sprinkled in brown sugar . yum !!

#Mama’s Chocolate brownie – it’s just a brownie for me I dint find it thrilling .

#Granny’s apple pie – could have been better is my view, a simple and moderate taste of diced apple stuffed inside the pie, the cinnamon and apple flavour gave the pie a good flavour.

#Caramel Sponge Cafe with Toffee sauce – a perfect dessert , when it is topped with the toffee sauce ,the taste truly satisfied the sweet tooth like me.

#Mama’s homemade chocolate cake – who doesn’t like chocolate cake when it’s homemade ? Everyone spooned it till the last bit of the cake.

The staffs were on toes looking after the customers , giving recommendations or taking the order everything has been done with a smile ! Adding to it the food manager came to us and enquired about the food and explained us the dishes . A good start .

Not a hole in the pocket if you order the rite dishes , meal for two is ₹1200.

Happy Eating ! 🙂





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