Nando’s – A travel to Peri-Peri Land .

Nando’s prove to be the mecca for the foodies with its Portuguese and African cuisines. It lures the people to its place with its finger licking Chicken Dishes. Globally known for their sauces, Nandos in Chennai lives up to their expectations. With large portions of absolutely delicious meat cooked in different styles seasoned with their home made sauce, they can’t really go wrong!, Nando’s is backed by intriguing history: Portuguese explorers, shipwreck, the discovery of their famous Peri Peri chilli in Mozambique.


Located on a busiest  place in Chennai or I can say most secured place! Gopalapuram/Cathedral road needs no introduction .Nando’s is  few blocks from Fruit shop, very easy to spot.

Décor :

The décor cheeky. Nando’s (which originated in South Africa and flaunts a distinctive Portuguese/Mozambican theme) I have been to Nando’s velchery which has entirely different Ambience and outlook, when speaking about it I got to know that Nandos’s has different Ambience in each location .This location is Large and exquisite, buzzing in life. As we walk through glass door, we spotted a huge antic styled wooden galore of doors up in the wall, the first floor has a good seating space for 35 people, the stairs which leads the way to the next level Is one of the eye catchy spot and I could not help but notice that the interiors were differently done up, dramatic copper lamp shade and Eclectic art in brilliant colours offset the otherwise brown interiors.  taking up the seat we got minutes to wait for the food, so I went around clicking pictures that is when I noticed tons of beautiful paintings from across the world has been displayed in the wall . Then I overheard from a friend that most of the art showcased on Nando’s walls is from local South African artists, helping to support them. It gave me the warm feeling that the restaurant took this initiative for a good cause!


Since I have tried their menu already which leads me agnostic to order anything else than chicken but I found that they have added new dishes to the menu making it comfortable for the Vegetarians to choose from no of options. Nandos’s Menu is simple and revolves around the 4 different Flavours of PER-PERI which are Extra Hot, Hot, Mild, and Lemon & Herb.


We dint have any constructed menu and let to choose what we like which is a good signal.

Designer Drinks:

  • Citrus Bliss – A refreshing Beverage combining Mint syrup and grape fruit and sprit with fresh mint leaves, indeed A Bliss.
  • Maderia Red – This was my Fav, ideally pomegranate lemonade and a pint of sprit topped in a sugary rim! It tasted as it looked delicious!



  • Hummus with Peri-Peri Drizzle – This was recommended by a fellow Foodie, This was served in plate neatly arranged Pita with hummus topped with olive oil and accompanied by a lil bottle of Smoky Peri-Peri oil( this is the star of the dish ). This gives a tickling taste right after the first bite.
  • Peri-Peri Chicken wings – A plate full of Tender chicken wings served along Crispy French fries and chickpeas salad. Everything about this dish is a delight! we choose Medium Per-Peri to go with Chicken which was perfect !.


  • Chicken Pita – Toasted Pita Stuffed with veggies, chicken stripes and creamy whip. this is on a lighter side gone in seconds after passed on for tasting :p

Main Dish:

  • Espetada Rustica. Tender chicken thighs on a skewer with Peri Peri sauce dripping down on gorgeously fried potato wedges. Pieces of sun dried tomato in between the chicken added tangy mystery to the nicely grilled thighs. This is definitely a star dish.
  • Grilled chicken Tenders along Spicy Rice and Grilled Veggies- The chicken was juicy and tender while the Spicy rice was a complete let down, but having it together with the grilled veggie was a better option.

“Save Room for Desserts”

Dessert at Nando’s   ? “Don’t give me death glares, but nobody eats dessert at Nando’s,” claimed my inner spirit. Choco cake and Creamy cheese cake came to our table   ! Without a second wasting I spooned off the first scoop of the   delightful Choco cake topped off with nuts served along thick chocolate syrup! Cheesecake on other side which was not up to expectation it was baked cheese cake nevertheless A restaurant like Nandos’s which is expertise in chicken but serving dessert at this range is magnificent.

Service :

The service was Top-notch, staffs were courteous  with minute detail to attention.


Boiled Down :

A spice so nice, it’s been named twice. PERi-PERi will put fire in your belly and ignite passion in your soul. Discover what makes it so addictive . 😉



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