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Chennai welcomes the popular ice cream restaurant with open arms. Now open in Besant Nagar, Swensen’s can also be found   ground floor of Ampa Skywalk, adjacent to KFC.  Chennai is not just home to some of the best pubs but also takes pride in being a paradise for ice cream addicts. There are no legions of flavours or ice-cream parlours that make every effort to satisfy your  sweet tooth cravings. Swensens gives a more complete ice cream experience the American way.

Location : IMG_7846

If you are going to Besant nagar you will never miss this street since its like a HUB for Mini-bites with lots of options to try for, Swensens just lightened the place which is located opposite to dhaba express or 2 buildings from cozee.

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Ambiance :

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When you spot the place first thing that catches your eyes are the White Hording which welcomes you to the Swensens ! the outdoor area is like a little park greeny path way  with mini tables and chairs makes the evening time to the best ,  Red and white colors dominate the interiors, the lamps are the highlight loved the way how they carved the name of the place in glass lamps which makes the place more beautiful at evenings.The seating area is another plus very comfortable sofas with cute flower vase adding a romantic touch,not to forget the glass they used to serve for water which is very unique with different wordings indicating about  ice creams.

Menu :

Very colorful menu with tons of choices to make,i was puzzled what to order given many options with a wide range of choices say a scoop of ice cream to delightful sundaes everything  leave you tempted! for all the chocolate lovers there is a exclusive menu,  From the classic vanilla, to the exotic passion fruit sorbet, mango to tender coconut, you are spoiled for choice.

Ice Creams :


Coit Tower – ₹ 179

A tower of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chocolate fudge strawberry jam,banana and almonds topped of with a cherry . one can never stop with few scoops and if you are not a person who like banana even though when you eat it with a ice cream it will be delightful.

swensens 5

Big rock chocolate mountain – ₹209

This is my favorite out of all i had, A tall glass with a thick caramel layered with scoops of ricch chocolate ice cream and topped off with the whopped cream and choco tasted heavenly as it looks .

Treasure Island Float ₹99

Must be the boring drink to order here, im not a fan of aerated drinks so i dint like it much.

Service :

Timely service and  very courteous .everyone likes to be greeted with a smile  don’t we ?


The quality and texture of the ice creams are of international standard. The chain believes in “Value for Money” offerings, so be assured of an affordable treat.


Boiled to down :

The best part of the swensens experience is to gather some old friends order one of their massive sundays meant for a group and all dig in over some reminiscing and conversation cant think of a better way to spend a hot summer afternoon or pretty much any time you want to catch up with some one.

Whether it is the big brands or one from the local mom and pop store, ice-cream is a fun way to pass time with friends and family.


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