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Every one of us wants to be healthy and feel better about the eating habits but time is always the constraint,we always look for food which looks fancy and made quickly without no time but keeping it healthy needs more than that. how to keep the healthy eating on track at midst of the busy life? this is where Re:Store comes in place with homemade healthy Salads and gluten-free treats. Mrs.Nandhi who runs restore has traveled places to experiment her hands on this  and knows how to put a healthier salad along with gluten-free cakes !

How it works ?

Re:store is available for door delivery in and around saidapet and you can pick up your orders at  Amdavadi .
*Call or text to 9884070315
*Place your orders a day before ,or
*write to them at

Menu :

photo (1).JPG

Other than salads they have :

  • Gluten free chocolate cake
  • Almond & Pistachio cakes

Thinai Salad :

thinai salad.jpg

I personally loved this salad and Thinai is one of the types of millet. which is gluten-free & rich in calcium,fiber,protein and minerals.It has high nutritional values when compared with rice and wheat. the pomegranate and capscicum has added more flavour to the salad which made it distinct from other salads.

Mexican Salad :

mexican salad.jpg

Mexican salad had Rajma,corn,onion,lettuce,tomato,jalapeno and coriander with Honey-lemon dressing.everything  about this salad was simple and fresh, the salad can be made according to your taste by adding less or more dressing(the dressing comes in a tiny container).the ingredients are the star which are healthy and locally available.(you can easily make this at home)

Asian Salad :

asian salad.jpg

Asian salad has cabbage ,capsicum,tofu,onion,coriander and raagi noodles  with ginger garlic lemon dressing. Very healthy salad the combination.

Chocolate Cake:

choco cake.jpg

Everyone likes Chocolate cake and when it is Gluten-free you really don’t need to worry much about the calories here! thinking of how it tasted make me carve for one ,It was impeccable.

Almond Cake :


Almond cake for the first time, freshly prepared cakes are always the best tasting. each bite i got the almond mixture which was rightly balanced with sugar not very sweet but well-balanced.

Pistachio Cake :

almond cake.jpg

One of the favourite cakes i tasted, it was moist and spongy which made the cake very delicious ,the cake was sugar-coated and  the ingredients used are simple yet droll worthy.Each bite ask you more of it  !

Packaging :

This is how it will be delivered in a foil box wrapped to perfection and the best thing is you can see the ingredients that went into making of the salad on the top of the box cover.



Salads: The Regular salad priced at Rs 250/- and the Premium salad at Rs 350/- It is quite a penny to spend for a salad nevertheless once in a while it’s all good to go for the sake for healthy food.

Cakes :  Cakes are priced based on the weight.

Boiling to down:

Re:store is the healthy go store for who like to  spend a lil extra penny to eat healthy and also for people who wants to have their salads and cakes customised .

Eat Healthy & Stay Healthy 🙂

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