It’s Mango’licious Thali at Khandhani Rajdhani

I hate the summer heat. I find it oppressive. But if there’s one thing about the summer that I love, it’s the fact that summer is mango season. . We get mangoes all year round, yes, but before and after the summer, mangoes are either sour or bland and they cost twice their summer prices too. So, I wait for the summer. Hating the heat but anticipating biting into those sweet luscious mangoes. But the best thing about this summer is having different variety of MANGOES no matter they are raw or ripe  !! when you get to taste them in a spread of THALI and a festival just to celebrate Mangoes then there is no looking back!.

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If you expecting a Rajasthani style interiors and ambience to be rusty and colorful then you’ll be dissapointed. when you enter the glass door there is a person all dressed up in a rajsthani style attire take aarthi  and welcomes  to the restaurant.themed on white and brown interiors ,the seating area varies but very comfortable space .the high beam lights makes the space cozy and lightened to glory. Neat and a warm Ambience !

Menu :

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The basic concept of Rajdhani being Thali they have rotational menus and the dishes wont be repeated on a row.Since i was there for the Aamlicious festival i got to taste the delicious Aamlicious Thali and they will have  a special rotational mango menu that every menu will have at least 2 to 3 special dishes made from raw and ripe mangoes.

P.S : I was invited for the tasting session for the Mango fest so i had an opportunity  to taste the entire mango dishes.

Aamras with Poori

So basically aamras is nothing but the mango pulp or puree which is flavored with cardamom or sonth or saffron. Aamras is popular in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. this tasted heavenly the combination of the chilled mango pulp with hot puri is delectable.

Kairi Potli kachori :


Kairi potli kachori is crispy with its raw mango ,spinach and masala .everything was in a perfect blend.

 Kairi Chilli Samosa


 A spicy green chili dough rolled on with raw mango served with red chili sauce.

Aam Bhare Papad Roll


Each bite of the Aam bhare papad roll gives the tangy  raw mango taste.there was 2 different chutneys in southern style which went well with many dishes.

Mango Dal Dhokli


Mango Dal Dhokli is one of the raw mango summer delicacies from the authentic Gujarati cuisine,  It tastes best with rice and chapatis. The dal with dhokli pieces and raw mango slices are absolutely tasty.

Aam ki Launji with khoba Roti


This is one of favorite dish of all .Aam ki Launji is absolutely brilliant it had almost all the flavors sweet ,sour,tangy,spicy amd with the khoba Roti which  truly unravels the mystery of the vast desert expanse.  its khat-meeth taste.

Kairu Samosa Ki Sabzi


 The cutesy looking samosas are not too tangy in taste and the whole zesty mango thing doesn’t overpower the dish .

Raw Mango Pachadi


This is a side for rice or roti, raw mango seasoned and added to curd with some spices.

Mango Pulao


Mango pulao is just for the people who loves sweet mango pieces in the rice,perfectly flavored.

Mango Jalebi


I don’t mind coming again just for this Jalebi !! the jalebi feels heavenly and in the end a smile beckons when the mango stuffing touches one’s palette. Heavenly !


Service is top notch, the way they communicate with each other is in hand gestures which doesn’t make noise nor disturb the customers, with minute to attention.

The Aamlicious festival is happening till may ,the Festival Thali is priced at ₹499 and every Tuesday the Thali is priced at ₹250.If you’re a Mango lover you shouldn’t  miss this !

Happy Eating ! 🙂

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