Tex-Mex Calling : Chili’s

I was invited as a part of bloggers meet for this new and happening restaurant in Chennai . Within few weeks of  head start the place is already buzzing with crowds which is a good sign that they have marked  the way to glory .The flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine are close to the Indian palate and are therefore popular with the food lovers in India.

Location :

Located on the food court of Express avenue ,Just before Fun city.

Ambience :

Red ,orange & black dominate the whole space, with a large seating space and wall posters which depicts the cuisine and the menu .The beam lights and the sassy bar counter are the star attraction !  once you enter the resturant the mood changes drastically! The typical buzz of an American diner greets us with the hectic activities and warms up our hearts instantly.

Menu : Well Crafted Menu ,typically American — larger than life.


What we had 

Tropical sunrise : Margarita

image (6).jpg

This is one of the recommend Drink by the staff and a new addition to the menu . As  soon the drink arrived to the table I was amazed by the way how it has been presented , it had 3 layers of syrup( pineapple ,orange and grenade ) and mixing it together gives the Tangy and sweet orangy taste . This accompanied me to the main course.

Priced at ₹209

Spring: Hand Crafted

photo 1 (9).JPG

A Blend of passion fruit ,orange juice, pineapple,cranberry and pomegranate . A few sips of this gave me a taste of a coconuty flavour but when we proceeded down with the main course the flavours had been settled down and is a good drink when you go for a heavy meAl.

Priced at ₹209

Molten chocolate chunk : Smoothie

photo 2 (6).JPG

Another recommend drink , as the name says it all. A tall glass of chocolate chunks blended with cream and chocolate . I like my smoothie or shake to be thick in general and I felt it could have been a lil thicker consistency .

Priced at ₹229.


image (7).jpg

Ultimate Dipper : priced at ₹695

This is like a Huuuggge Start !! The concept of this dish is pretty amazing , it has 5 appetizers served with 6 different sauces which is totally wow and a good enough for groups .

Southwestern Roll : it is a crispy flour tortilla filled with mushrooms, black beans,corn ,jack cheese,red peppers and spinach served with avocado dressing . It had many flavours to it and you can bite in to all the ingredients giving a mix of flavour in your mouth it is one of the good appetizers.

Texes Cheese poppers :

It’s a panko crushed with cheese and  cilantro  goes well with chipotle ranch dipping . It was crispy and with right flavours , Not a cheese overdose .

Chicken crisper :

battered fried chicken strips , I felt it was a bit salty but then not bad . it’s just an ordinary dish will go well with mayo sauce .

Chicken Wings & boneless Chicken :

Both were my favourites , chicken wings was rightly flavoured and it was not oily or sauce dripping perfect as it taste . Boneless chicken looked less appetite but tasted very good .

Main Course : 

We choose 2 dishes , one is a seafood another is poultry .

image (2).jpg

Chipotle Salmon : I love seafood and I’m very skeptical over ordering seafood at few restaurants but looking at the menu i changed my mind and wanted to this try dish. Salmon seasoned with southwestern spices, served with rice and corn salad .loved the taste of the sauce and the salmon was tender and delicious .

Priced at ₹725.

image (4).jpg

Margarita Grilled chicken : it’s a classic margarita flavoured grilled chicken with hints of line and citrus ,served with rice , black beans, tortilla strips and pico de gallo.

Priced at ₹425.

There is always space for DESSERT

image (5).jpg

CHOCOLATE CHIP PARADISE PIE : words can’t describe how rich the dish tasted. The chewy bar of chocolate chips and hazelnuts,topped with vanilla ice cream ,hot fudge and caramel . Each bit was sinful and the taste of the chocolate chips ,hot fudge and ice cream is subtle and light .

Priced at ₹325 .

Price : 

Well it’s little heavy on pockets ,  but when you choose the right dish considering the good dining experience it’s worth on that point .

Service :

The staffs are attentive and make sure the food is delivered with no delay ,they take orders on a pleasing manner and has  good knowledge on the menu .

Boiling to down : 

Chili’s is a must try for people who have never been to any other outlets to enjoy the dining experience and the cuisine extensively for meat lovers even then the price to be on a higher note it wil be great experience with great food and good company .

Chili's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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