Bombay Kulfi: No one can eat just One !

Bombay Kulfi , the much talked about Kulfi parlor in Chennai .within few days of launching the first ever outlet at Adyar Bombay Kulfi was In Limelight and added to the must visit dessert shops in Chennai.

Location :

it is located on the opposite road of Bharath school adyar ,the road just before the adyar telephone exchange .Tucked up inside the lane of  Shastri Nagar,tuscana is on the same building of Bombay Kulfi.

Ambiance :

A well maintained clean and hygienic atmosphere, it’s a compact spacing and can accommodate 10  people at max. there is a black menu board and a customer feedback board with sticky notes,nothing much to rave about the ambiance the Kulfi’s does the talking !

Kulfi :

The menu has 30 plus flavors of KULFI !! Kulfi slice,kulfi stick,Bombay Spl,bk natural and sugar free kulfi covers the whole menu. when i looked at the menu i got confused to choose which flavor and it took me about 3 minutes to decide what i want to have but ended up ordering random flavors.

stick kulfi.jpg

Malai Stick Kulfi, one of the must have flavor and the recommend one. it was delicious and the Flavor of malai was spot on.priced at ₹40

cocounut kulfi.jpg

Tender Coconut Slice , Never expected the kulfi to be exactly tasting like coconut,each bite had bits of tiny chewy coconut pieces and was really good.priced at ₹55

chikku kulfi.jpg

Chikoo slice, Since i like chikoo fruit was excited to see this on the menu and ordered it. tasted like almost eating chikoo ice cream and nothing more.priced at ₹30

amlond kulfi.jpg

Coffee walnut slice,This flavor is absolute love as the name says a mix of coffee and walnut into delicious kulfi slices.priced at ₹55

pista kulfi.jpg

Pista Slice, another enticing flavor not so strong but a mild and brilliant tasting kulfi. priced at ₹30.


The Price ranges from ₹ 30 to ₹70 depending on the flavors and size(slice or stick).its super affordable with the plentiful flavors available anyone will not stop with just one kulfi.


Splendid service ,when i checked in happen to meet the owner of the store who was courteous and polite to greet with a smile as well as told me about the flavours and what to choose. A good experience!

Boiled to Down:

Bombay Kulfi is a place for all Kulfi lovers who likes to experiment with flavours under  ₹100 you can relish more than  3 kulfis and Remember no one can eat just One Kulfi !

Happy Eating 🙂

Bombay Kulfi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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