The Better Ingredient Pizza at PAPA JOHN’S

What’s so special about the Papa John’s Pizza ? this was the first question which i had on my mind when i was invited for the bloggers meet at the Velachery Outlet of Papa John’s.but then i got my  answers when i stepped in with a couple of other bloggers for the meet.


Located on the prime area of Velachery Bye Pass road, easy to spot the outlet with its high name hoardings.


Ambience :

More of an American Themed restaurant, having a major color block of red and white dominating the space, with wall paintings and hangings of the popular place joins slogans. The Ambience is done minimal and it is  a standard papa john’s outlet you see in any other cities  too.

Food :

  1. Mozzarella Cheese bread Sticks & Plain Bread Sticks

Both the bread sticks were good but i prefer the Cheese stick since the ordinary  breadstick taste blunt and needs a dip to go with.

 2. Cheesy jalapeno Nuggets


jalapeno had never been this crisper,loved the flavour.


3.Chicken Wings


A spicy wings flavoured in pepper and other spices

4.Chicken Nuggets


The usual Chicken Nuggets but was flavoursome.

5.Potato Wedges


An ordinary Potato Wedges which was Crispy and hot.

6.Mozzarella  Strips


This is one of the variant to the starters, it’s a good option for the people who loves cheese and nothing else.

7.Spicy pepper roast Pizza


One of the Recommended Pizza and a new addition to the menu, I opted for  Veg and it can be customized based on preferences.

8. Chicken Super papa’s Pizza


This is My favourite Pizza of the day ! this is the best option for the people who loves a lot of meat in the pizza.It was Delicious.

9. Molten Lava Cake IMG_20160630_231609.jpg

The perfect Dessert after a PIZZA!!!

10.Choco Mousse Cup


Thick Chocolate moussee topped off with choco chips is another great Dessert.

Boiling To down:

Papa John’s Pizza is one of the best alternative for boring Pizza with lot of exciting flavours and the  options are large compartitively. A lil bit of communication gap is the only cons and if they can fix it then it takes them to places.

Happy Eating ! 🙂

Papa John's Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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