The Silver Beauty – Hamsa

Hamsa, a bird of many mythological abilities with a divine mind & lives on honey from the blooming lotus of knowledge and feasts on white pearls! That was just a begining to say ,Hamsa has a lot more than just Ambience .  Every feature at Hamsa has a deep meaning and a back story to it from the Entrance to the private dining room. Explore the beauty of this Majestic silver doom as you enjoy mouth-watering vegetarian dishes.


Located on the 4th main road of Gandhi Nagar,Adyar. This place can be missed with its Lush outlook that many think its a Jewellery store. if you’re a resident of Adyar then this place is a calk walk for you !


First thing that will wow you is the Ambience !! It’s not too often we dine in all super Luxurious place ,when its everything Exotic and Silver then it’s a double dining experience Go eat and get lost in the beauty of this place.

I Can go on writing about the beautiful and exotic Decors from Bronze Bells this speaks a lot about the ethnicity and richness , Beautiful Flower cages which will leave you stunned, Bronze Chandelier this was HUGE , Brass wall Panel added a special touch to the interiors, Hand-carved Pink Sandstone Pillars and Sandstone Jalis will make you go speechless with its Artistic touch and it reflects the stories of  Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and brings back a lot of memories ,The artistic glittery tree which enhanced the whole place with its shimmer gold patterns which had very unique work that went into the making. The cutlery used here are impressive and those silver-wares are just WOW.



It’s a Pure Rich Indian Delicacy, Hamsa has curated traditional mouth-watering vegetarian dishes from different parts of India.

Food :

The evening had a constructed menu than the regular, we started off with the pretty looking Rasagulla and Panchamridam drink . the Rasagulla was presented in a very fancy way with rose petals and mini cup which was very attractive and the drink was just awesome with the exact amount of sweetness to it .

Starters :

paneer saunfiya

IMG_20160823_113452.jpg            Paneer saunfiya is a  grilled cottage cheese morsels stuffed with fennel spiced mixture

cheese kurkuri

IMG_20160823_113343.jpgCheese kurkuri is a thin roll stuffed with variety of cheeses & spring onion, deep-fried.its a must try for every cheese lovers.

Kache kele aur anar ki tikki  

IMG_20160823_121219.jpgA combination of raw banana & pomegranate into cutlets,its quite an experiment on flavours

makkai muthia chaat

IMG_20160823_121105.jpgThis is a familiar dish to everyone , golden dumplings of corn kernels tossed with mint & sweet tamarind sauce was a show stealer.

and also Leaf enclosed paneer is Hamsa’s signature cottage cheese grilled in a banana leaf which had an authentic touch to it with bursting of flavours .

Main course :

Dehliwal hari turai

IMG_20160823_121650.jpg               Green gourd filled with fennel-cumin spice and napped in green coriander gravy

kamal kakdi kofteh

IMG_20160823_122034.jpgAnother favourite ,Lotus stem dumplings stuffed with dried prunes, apricots and napped in a rich tomato gravy,this dish couldnt be any better it went well with the Naan and the rice dish as well.

bhagirathi mehar paneer

IMG_20160823_121750.jpgCottage cheese cooked with reduced milk & dried plums which was very creamy and rich dish , dint work for my Taste buds  as I like spicy food this is more of bland and creamy.

Idiyappam biryani

IMG_20160823_121537.jpgThis is the Hama’s verstion of  “keelakarai” string hopper Biriyani with  spicy and rich ingrediants .

Anar aur hari meeri ka chaawal

IMG_20160812_230201.jpgToo much of something  will spoil a dish and the peppercorns in the flavoured rice is a let down for me and if its redone with minimal peppercorns then it will be a stand out dish.

Urulai Roast

IMG_20160823_121411.jpgBaby potatoes  tossed in chettinad spices gives the  perfect flavour  of home cooked potato roast,just like the way i want to have it with Sambhar rice (YUMM) .A great option to the vegetarians !

Desserts :

Saving the BEST for the LAST  !!

IMG_20160823_135037.jpgAnjeer aur adrak ka halwa a ginger & fig combination was splendid with the taste of  ginger which was subtle and the fig had unique taste to it . Amrud phirni  guava enriched rice pudding was an outstanding dessert and loved the guava taste, totally worth it !.

Boiling to Down :

If you’re looking to Experience an Exotic Vegetarian cuisine  in an UN-matchable Luxurious Ambience Then Head to HAMSA !! Even then the price to be on the higher note its for the people who look for luxury in FOOD and Everything else in a Restaurant.

Happy Eating ! :).


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