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FabelleThe Dark & Saultry Beauty ! 

Fabelle is the New Indian Luxury chocolate brand By ITC , After a decade of  Research and putting together a lot of love and thought to create finest chocolates ITC has launched the brand Fabelle at the Gardenia hotel in Bangalore. Soon after months of the first store they have spread the wing to Kolkata and now to Namma Chennai.

Fabelle says ” The Cocoas are sourced from the finest cocoa growing countries of Africa and Latin America. These are then conched for hours – a process of slow churning of chocolate to bring out the most sensational flavours and exquisite aromas.The chocolate is then tempered to perfection resulting in the unique, velvety mouth-feel of Fabelle. Our master chocolatiers then combine this fine chocolate with exotic ingredients to create a symphony of exquisite tastes,textures and aromas for the unique Fabelle experience. From Ghana to Cote D’Ivoire, Madagascar to Santo Domingo, Venezuela to Sao Tome, we’ve selected the choicest cocoas from the cocoa heartlands to help create a unique luxury experience.”

Location & Ambience :

After Making the mark in Bangalore and Kolkata , ITC has taken Fabelle to Chennai ITC Grand Chola ,Guindy (Map Link). The place is Lavish and Luxury  scene in the centre of the city, Interiors has been done in Chocolate brown blocks on the walls and sleek sofa with funky pink cushions. A live screen in the dispaly which helps you to see how your order is made.This a place where you can Involve in the chocolate experience truly.

You Don’t Need a Golden Ticket To Get the Oompa Loompa Experience  🙂

Boxed Chocolates

ELEMENTS  : Handcrafted Pralines


The first thing that strikes us when we think or say “Elements” is the Earth,Water,Air,Fire,Ether. when the Team Fabelle conceptualized the idea of Incorporating the Elements of Nature in to the Chocolate ,which isn’t an easy task at all its either a Hit or a Miss Straight. So after a long research process over years and studies they have launched the Unique yet the Luxury  Range ‘Elements’ inspired by the Elements of the nature which are Handcrafted Pralines.

Earth The muddy and Crunchy ,That’s how i would like to  describe this flavor .the Earth chocolate looked very satisfying ! The Rusty and Encrusted chocolate filled with a dark mousse. The crunchy shell burst in the gooey dark  chocolate mousse is absolutely bliss !

Air Light and Dainty , That suppose to the Light as Air and It has been justified after the first bite,The dark chocolate crust filled with the aerated mousse just melts in seconds! Indeed Light as Air.

Water Runny with the perfect hint of Salt, As the name suggest After the Sinful gulp there was an explosion of  flavor ,First the rich dark chocolate shell broke in to the ocean of Acacia nectar and Dark Choco mousse, The French sea Salt is a perfect nut cracker which gives a contrast taste between the dark chocolate and the choco mousse.

Wood Dark and Bitter, I love anything which has coffee & dark chocolate  and this chocolate justified it .There was Chocolate, cinnamon, coffee and mousse which has been coated in dark chocolate its like a symphony .

Fire The surprise element,  Saving the best for the last is the perfect quote which goes well with the Fire Element,Each bite gives you a different Taste. the  Dark chocolate shell filled with white mousse gives a subtle taste while the surprise factor is the Ancho chilli (it’s the dried version of the ripe version of the poblano pepper) and tangy candied mango.

Interesting Fact26 ingredients  sourced from 7 countries go into the making of Fabelle ELEMENTS.

Price : Assortment of 5 paralines cost  400 ,Assortment of 5 paralines cost  750

*The price is inclusive of Tax and it comes along with the  Takeaway boxes

GANACHE :True Chocolate


No wonder why Fabelle is a world-class in making , when the chef was explaining us about how Ganache is made and the process of making ,I was Amazed  and Stunned by the perfection of the ganache. It is exquisitely smooth and silky cannot be compared to any other chocolate and they are rich . Ganache comes in 2 flavours, Creamy Milk which is a milk based and made from fine Ivory Coast cocoa . Rich Dark is my Favourite, underestimated the way it looked but when tasted the first piece went like wow ,can i have another please?! the  fresh cream and butter are matured to perfection to create a velvety soft blend. it was Rich in Dark cocoa which are made from the finest Ghana cocoa .Each delectable cube is then sprinkled with fine cocoa which gives that completes it.

Interesting Fact12 Hours of conching to deliver the perfect melt-in-mouth experience of Fabelle  GANACHE.

Price : Sharing a portion of 20 cubes cost 675

*The price is inclusive of Tax and it comes along with the  Takeaway boxes

AS YOU LIKE IT : Be a Master Chef 


As you like it as the name goes this chocolate box is designed to deliver the choice of the customers,with just 3 Steps you can create your own chocolate cups .All you goto do is choose your cup  which is milk or dark cups,Next choose your  delectable fillings Pick from  the 7 fillings  Milk choco créme, Dark choco,  créme, White créme, Dark almond choco créme,  Dark mint choco créme, Berry preserve ,Caramel and finally Garnish your cup with choice of 10  toppings Choco curves ,Choco crust ,Cocoa powder ,Powdered sugar, Almond slices, Roasted almond bits, Cocoa nibs,French sea salt crystals, Butterscotch nibs, Arabica coffee.

Dark cup with Almond flakes and Milk cup with Choco chips.

I Created my own version of Dark Choco cup and milk cup with my favourite fillings and toppings.

Price : Single chocolate cup creation INR 100, Assortment of six chocolate cup creations INR 500, Assortment of twelve chocolate cup creations INR 1000

*The price is inclusive of Tax and it comes along with the Takeaway boxes


Ghana milk chocolate mousse with caramel and banana créme


Layers of surprise ! This chocolate mousse is milk based ,coated with toffee and vanilla .the real surprise is the layers of caramel and luscious banana créme on thin hazelnut crisps,topped off with coconut shreds.#SimplyStunnimg  Price : INR 450

Black forest revisited

he Sour cherry on the top completes the plate. those layers of Dark chocolate and Madagascar vanilla bean créme are absolutely to fall in love with,A classic French confection. Price :INR 450 #Thoselayersoflove


Premium almond and coriander praline tartine


This Exquisite Chocolate is a Milk blended which is paired with Mandarin orange for the extra punch while  the brittle coriander and almond makes  a beautiful combination of flavours n cocoa-almond tartine. Price INR 450 

Éclair Venezuela


The Eclair is Venezuelan made chocolate with the pretty piping work on top of creme caramel and Chocolate molded leafs is the perfect combination of chocolate and caramel.Price INR 375

Signature Creation



This is the Master piece of the day ! I was glad to witness the signature chocolate flower in making, It is 70% dark chocolate enriched with Turkish pistachio cream, balanced with raspberry confit, in a dramatic setting of a chocolate flower, set to unfold at your table. Price :INR 525

Click here Chocolate flower to view the video


Smores chocolate milk


Looked Divine ! this is pure Ghana milk chocolate with flame charred marshmallows served with delicious cookies An American classic. Price: INR 375

Milk cocoa


After an array of desserts  this was much-needed ,  Pistachio  and almond filled hot chocolate  . Price : INR 375

Packaging :


What makes Fabelle stands out from any other brand is the extra effort they take to deliver the chocolate with the New way of takeaway boxes To make it travel friendly they cover up the boxes with an icePack to hold the chocolates in extreme conditions up to 4 hours which is like  the icing on the cake  for many people who likes to buy chocolates back home. #Thumpsup

Boiling to Down:  Fabelle is an Affordable Luxury Chocolates which are sourced with the finest ingredients across 7 countries ,made by international Master chocolatiers from Creating Fabelle chocolate  with the world-class manufacturing to the Delivery point with the awesome service Nothing Compares to FABELLE .I’m looking forward for more exciting Items on the menu in the near future.

Remember Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions,It Understands 🙂

Fabelle Chocolate Boutique - ITC Grand Chola Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


*All comments on the quality of the food and service or the overall quality of the experience remain completely my own are strictly what I experienced at the event.There will be absolutely no sugar-coating, unless I feel that there is reasonable exception which deserves mentioning. All photographs and content are property of HungryChennaiFoodie. If you would like to share any of my posts or photos, I ask that you please link them back to my original post or blog.*


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