SHMOOZIE’S | Handcrafted Ice Cream

Shmoozie’s is the New Handcrafted love for Ice cream in Chennai. Shmoozie’s was started with the whole idea of having good ol’ ice cream which is free from any kind of essences or artificial flavours.   The real deal is All ingredients are made from scratch like the pomegranate sauce, cookie crumble in the banoffee pie cream toffee sauce . Everything is homemade and freshly made from scratch . 

I was offered to Try out the Batch of New flavours as below :

Backyard Mint Refresher :


It’s almost like a creamy  Mint cooler,loved the freshness of the Mint and lemon flavour. 

Buttered Walnut Candy :


Like the name goes,it was like eating a buttered  candy of walnuts. It was creamy and delicious.

Butterscotch Almond Brittle :


NoT a Fan of butterscotch but the ice cream had a subtle taste of butterscotch sauce and almond brittle in each scoop was a delight.

Dark Chocolate Indulgence :


who doesn’t like dark chocolate ? Chocolate ice cream has to be one of the most popular treats on the was rich and the toffee is the star ingrediant.

Banoffee Pie CReam:


Never imagined a flavour with banoffee ,Banoffee cake or a icecream i will go for cake anyday but this was good. the toffee sauce had that perfect taste of sweetness and the mix of banana and cookie crust  was absolutely delicious .

Chai Spicream :


The taste of home made tea in ice cream, it is quite a good try.  the taste of Cinnamon,cloves,Ginger and cardamon was evident in each scoop . a perfect flavor for  Chai lovers . 

Coffee Cinnamon and Roasted Almond :


For the Coffee Lovers with a touch of cinnamon and Roasted Almond  ,The flavour of Cinnamon was subtle and coffee complimented it so well. My personal Favorite 😀

Date Palm Walnut :


The healthy one, Rich Dates cathe ice caramelised and blended in to the cream with fine walnuts goes into the making.The delectable hint of palm sugar  flavour was just wow. 

Picture Courtesy : Shmoozie’s

Loved the flavors of each  ice creams and the making especially , everything was different and very unique .The freshness of the ice creams are to be vouched for. These ice creams has a fridge life of 10 days Max. 

Kshama is The women behind this  wonderful Start  of handcrafted love , her love fr making ice creams from scratch  has grown to Shmoozie’s .

Menu :


How to Order FRom ShMoOZiE’S ?  

You can call /WhatsApp on 9940114387 for placing the orders and delivery also available . since the Ice creams are made to order so you can call a day in advance and place  your orders.

Follow SHMOOZIES on Facebook to Know more about the offers and new Flavours .

Facebook : SHMOOZIE’S

Instagra : @shmoozie’s

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Happy Eating ! 🙂

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