The Culinary Journey At Phoenix Market City | Chennai

The Culinary quest , A initiative by Phoenix market city to bring out the Best cuisine under one roof with some exciting Discounts on Dine in with the collaboration of 7 Restaurants and  a special curated menu exclusively for the culinary quest . The festival started at November 26 and goes on till December 4 th. Another feather added to the Chennai’s  food scene. To make it even more interesting there is Discount Of 15 -20 % in all the 7 restaurants with 2 Complimentary Parking. You can  Dig into Classic  American Food  to Authentic Indian cuisine to wide range of dishes in this Culinary Quest.THis is an Explorer’s JOurney !

About The Restaurants : 

There are 7 Restaurants which are participating in the culinary fest which has entirely different cuisine . 

Nando’s  ( Portuguese)

Khandhani Rajdhani (Rajasthani ) 

Punjab Grill (Mughlai) 

Jonah’s goes to Japan (Japanese)

ID ( South Indian)

Noodle bar (Oriental )

The spaghetti Kitchen (Italian )

The Journey :

we started the culinary quest with the peri peri lands favourite , Nando’s. Can’t ask for a better start ! I was very much interested to know the curated menu for the fest since there isn’t anything fancy than chicken at Nando’s .The menu looked promising for a vegetarian too. First comes The Chicken Espadato ,Chicken Stuffed with cheese and grilled served with Chickpeas salad and Sauteed Veggies ,The designer drink comes with an option from the menu. It was a new variant to normal Nando’s Chicken  the chicken was delicious and there was a balance in the stuffing which wasn’t oozing or less.stuffing. The drink was my all time favourite Madeira Red which i enjoyed.



Khandani Rajdhani : Rajdhani Thali has always been the best one in town. The Thali’s are lip-smacking good and they work on a rotational menu every day, adding to that the service is impeccable you will be loaded with the unlimited food while you eat. This traditional style food has always grabbed the people’s attention and on the culinary festival they have the Lunch and Dinner Menu on Tuesday which is exclusively for INR 250/- .




Punjab Grill : A steady flow of hits ( they did play my Favourite song) resonates from the speakers, as we directed to a table by the large windows overlooking the courtyard.  Started from the special curated menu for the culinary quest with Paneer Tikka Anardana, Beetroot ki tikki from the veg starter and Burnt Garlic Murgh Tikka and Achari Jheenga from Non veg starter.the paneer was soft and well marinated while the beetroot ki tikki was outstanding with the subtle flavour of beetroot  and stuffed mango pickle which was panko crumb coated . Achari jheenga is my  fav, it’s a Jumbo Tiger Prawns well cooked and it was delicious and one of the best Prawn dish I have tasted in recent days. Burnt Garlic Murgh Tikka is another dish which is a must try. for the main course we limited to 2 gravy’s with some butter Naan. Meat Beliram which is mutton chops in thick gravy. a well cooked meat but the gravy wasn’t that great, I liked the Murgh Kali Mirch a green chilli grinded into some spices with succulent pieces of chicken. Loved The Food !



Jonah’s Goes to Japan : The connection of sushi and Japan has directed us to the next Spot with the unmistakable ambience and Stylish interiors Jonah’s had most no of  dishes on the curated menu and left us with lot of choices. we  opted for Sushi and Smoked Chilli Rice with creamy Tomato sauce flavoured with smoked paprika . The Smoked Chilli Rice with the tangy and Spicy curry was  delicious and Top Notch with the hint of heat in the rice the gravy went really well.  The sushi was presented in a fancy plate , not a fan of sushi but absolutely loved it . we ended up the quest in JOnah’s with the Hot selling Coconut Mousse .


Saving the Best for the Last , ID a perfect South indian Restaurant for quick bites, Nothing is like a South Indian Food and that too after 5 hours of tasting session in different Restaurants needed a Good finishing that’s where a Mug of HOt filter coffee was kept in front of me , The Hot Masala Dosa and Medhu Vadai tasted  so good and the PAyasam,Pongal & Kesari which gave a sweet Ending to The Culinary Quest.



Boiling To Down :

I couldn’t ask for a better ending to the beautiful Culinary Quest well put up and organised by The Phoenix Market city ,This is a wonderful opportunity for the food Enthusiastic  To indulge and Explore Different Cuisines under the same roof. Food and shopping are the two best Therapy ,So Avail the exciting Offers before it Last:)

Happy Eating 🙂

*All comments on the quality of the food and service or the overall quality of the experience remain completely my own are strictly what I experienced at the event.There will be absolutely no sugar-coating, unless I feel that there is reasonable exception which deserves mentioning. All photographs and content are property of HungryChennaiFoodie. If you would like to share any of my posts or photos, I ask that you please link them back to my original post or blog.*


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  1. Murali says:

    Mouth watering though I am a poor Eater 😑


    1. Hungrychennaifoodie says:

      haha 🙂


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