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Kerala cuisine offers a multitude of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with the wide range of Poultry,Fish ,Red meat with the use of the finest Spices in the cooking which makes the Food stand out from other Indian Cuisine. Kerala is a synthesis of three of the greatest religions in the subcontinent – Hinduism, Christianity and Islam and the cuisine reflects that ,Kerala Syrian Christian (legend has it that they were converted by St Thomas, the apostle who was the Doubting Thomas of the Bible)cuisine is one of the oldest and they adherents of Syriac traditions of European. The interesting thing about this Regional cuisine is rich and varied, beef and other ingredients you don’t always find in other Indian cuisines and this festival in  Ente keralam is one of a kind, which brings back the oldest tradition of ingredients and the cuisine to limelight.

Menu :

The menu for the food festival has been specially Curated by a Syrian Christian from Kerala,she has personally Handpicked the whole menu with a lot of traditional Dishes which are very rarely prepared these days. 


PORICHA KOZHI MASALAVIL VARATIYYADHU , Even though this dish is common in any home in kerala it’s not an experimental dish. one wrong ingredient can turn down the whole dish. loved the chicken shreds which are Stir fried in Coconut,Onion and Delicate masala .

KAKKHA ERACHI FRY , The favourite catch from the sea  is the Syrian  Christians Favourite in Kerala. The clams have been slow sauteed with some grounded spices which makes it delicious and this was my first time with clams and i pretty much liked it.The flavour of pepper and Onions really mellowed done the pungent taste in the calms.


KANAVA PERALAN , Another favourite Starter from the  Festival menu . Squid Rings are fried in tomato masala and onions . It was spicy and very Delicious the masala has been well mixed with the squid and a perfect Starter.




KALLAPAM,  Kallu (Toddy ) which was traditionally used in appam to ferment the batter  and it has been replaced by Yeast which has more or less same taste  as Kallu. The Kallapam are soft appams and is a traditional Kerala breakfast item.It goes well with any Veg or N.Veg gravy.

PIDIYUM KOZHI CURRIYUM , This is a Traditional Syrian Food ,pidi is associated with baby shower ie when the daughter-in-law is sent to her parents house for delivery, it is customary for the mother-in-law to make kozhi pidi and knanaya people still follow these traditions. they are rice dumpling have a thick gravy like sauce, unlike the dry versions which goes perfect with Kozhi Curry (Chicken Curry ) . The chicken Gravy was yummy with the chunks of well cooked chicken in the Finest masala Paste is one dish which speaks a lot about the syrian food and the tradition



PAANIYUM PAZHAMUM , Now this is a regular, everyday ending to a Kerala meal masquerading as exotica . Cut bananas  are mixed in forest honey and Reduced in palm sugar,it might sound very regular but it was excotic in taste . I TOTALLY LOVED IT ! 


ELA  ADA WITH VANILLA ICE CREAM , It is Authentic Kerala Delicacy ,it is made out of coconut and Jaggery which is cooked in Banana Leaf .The vanilla Ice cream is just an option and eating the Ela Ada alone gives a wonderful Taste.


If food is the first thing  which gives the happiness then service is another aspect which makes it memorable and i definitely had one ball of good time with the pleasing service.


The mark of a great cuisine, I always think, is that the food that ordinary people eat – not just the banquet and party food made by great cooks – is interesting and memorable. My favourite Kerala dishes have always been the simplest ones. Come and Relish the Traditional Dishes from The Syrian Christian Food festival .

Address : Ente Keralam is at No 1, Kasturi estate, First Street, Poes Garden. Call 044- 42328585 .

The Festival started at NOvember 26th and Goes on till December 11th .

Happy Eating  🙂

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*All comments on the quality of the food and service or the overall quality of the experience remain completely my own are strictly what I experienced at the event.There will be absolutely no sugar-coating, unless I feel that there is reasonable exception which deserves mentioning. All photographs and content are property of HungryChennaiFoodie. If you would like to share any of my posts or photos, I ask that you please link them back to my original post or blog.*


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  1. Murali says:

    Story behind each dish, well written 😊😊


    1. Hungrychennaifoodie says:

      Thank you Murali it’s encouraging 🙂


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