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What happens when a big fish in Social Media – So Chennai join hands with a bigger Brand- Sensodyne for a unique and exciting food walk in my city? Well you’ve got to keep reading to know more!

So Chennai curated a fun walk for Sensodyne to create awareness regarding the issue of tooth sensitivity, helping people eat and enjoy their favourite dishes exactly how they should be eaten and basically, #EnjoyLikeYouShould! Needless to say, we were intrigued.

So a handful of people from different professions came along to participate in the food walk, hopping from place to place, sampling all these mouth-watering dishes without the fear of sensitivity at all! A lot of people attending this food walk were actual tooth sensitivity sufferers, who had been using Sensodyne for a number of months.So Chennai had handpicked some amazing locations for this food walk.

Read on as we tell you all about it.


Hola! That’s how we welcomed our first venue located at Besant Nagar. Surely the best place to start a food walk, Hola is located opposite the beach and has a beautiful terrace for dining which makes it a must visit!


Here we were served the most refreshing drink and quite a unique one, a Mojito with curry leaves in it. The drink was served super chilled with cut lemon wedges and curry leaves which was quite the contrast! Everyone happily chugged down this drink and especially the tooth sensitivity sufferers faced no pain or discomfort.


I call this my second home, my go-to spot in town. The ambience is quite laid back with a comfortable seating area and there’s a spiral staircase which will take you to the calm and pleasant dining area with a bookshelf to while away your time. The best place for some me time, here you can indulge in lip smacking food and a cup of freshly brewed Filter Coffee just like we did!

The steaming cup of Filter Coffee was every bit invigorating as well as soothing, and we observed that there were no complaints from any of the tooth sensitivity sufferers


The next and the last stop for the day was Brick House Bistro which is known for its kickass burgers! We absolutely loved the beautiful views of the beach and the pleasant ambience.
Within a few minutes time, a plate full of love arrived! Scoops of Vanilla, Chocolate ice cream topped off with chocolate sauce and nuts. There weren’t any second left and that’s Empty bowl only left.


Wrapping up our delightful food walk, we were all praises for the unique food
walk, the dishes we tried, fellow bloggers we got to hang out with, the overall culinary sojourn we embarked upon.
Recap the experience and watch it here –

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Happy Eating What YOu Love! 🙂

*All comments on the quality of the food and service or the overall quality of the experience remain completely my own are strictly what I experienced at the event.There will be absolutely no sugar-coating, unless I feel that there is reasonable exception which deserves mentioning. All photographs and content are property of HungryChennaiFoodie. If you would like to share any of my posts or photos, I ask that you please link them back to my original post or blog.*


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