From world cuisine To Local Love |Cafe Mercara Express |ITC

Cafe Mercara Express is a Dream of Muti- Cuisine at it best, This 24 hours Restaurant has everything one would expect in a Luxury Hotel.  I have always been a Fan of their Coffee Menu where they say Cafe Mercara as the signature coffee house of ITC Grand Chola.

The menu Launch was more than exciting for me since ITC has collaborated and its First Hotel in India to be a part of WWF which helps in choosing the Wise seafood. The menu has a classifies fish using traffic light of Red,orange and green to make our choice accordingly.


Classy and Vintage.  The picture perfect View of the Restaurant will take you back to the Vintage Time, with the Big chandelier in the centre and Vintage Jukebox on the background this couldn’t Get any Better.#Classy


Menu has a lot of Healthier food options like you can choose from Vegan, Gluten free, Sugar free,Lactose Free, dishes which has forgotten grains and most importantly ITC being the First Hotel in India To be collaborating With Choose Wisely Seafood,where you can sure of eating the healthy Seafood from the wise selection.

JUICE – Morning Energisers


From the Pavilion Pure Juicery ,we tried Detoxifier – The first process in cleaning the system which had Apple,Carrot and Ginger. Cleanser – Watermelon, Beetroot and Mint which had No Sugar added and are Honestly Natural which makes our body prepare for a healthier Start. Immuniser – Kiwi,Sweet Lime and Lemon this drink was more citrusy which is a perennial top flavor among the Juices.

Tulsi Seed and Indian Summer Fruit Muesli 


As soon as the Jar was placed in front of me, i couldn’t wait a second to open this heavenly delight. Never thought a dish which is so delicious can be Gluten free, Vegetarian and has a lot of health benefits too. Tulsi seeds, Blend of Fruit Muesli ,Cut fresh Strawberries in Orange Cinnamon Yogurt whip which was delectable.

Green Goddess and Crusty Ragi Bread


when the Bread loaf  and a Green side was served, i wondered what so special about a bread? but then when the chef explained to us about the ingredients that went into making of the bread and the green side , I was amazed. The green goddess has  a creamy, piquant blend of herbs and the crusty bread was made of Ragi and Amarnath Grains which is a healthier version to normal Ingredients.

SALAD – The Burrata and Beets


One of the Best ever Looking Salad i came across. The plating was Brilliant and Colorful, Pickled Beetroot and Orange wedges complemented the sliced Burrata cheese which has been drizzled generously in Balsamic vinegar, peppery Arugula was topped with pine nuts and Cherry Tomatoes with a  Thin Tossed Garlic bread slice. #Killersalad

SOUP – Carrot and Coconut Puree


Thick Coconut Puree  which has been blended with the Tiny Cut  Carrot cubes which are made easier for people who doesn’t like carrots being struck in the soup while consuming it.there was a subtle flavour of both coconut and carrot which doesn’t overpower the taste.

 Appetizers – Asian Prawn Fritters 


It was Jumbo Prawns batter fried in ground spices.  The Golden Brown Crispy crunch outside and a delicate well cooked meat was a perfect delight.  It comes down to how well it has been presented which make it more appetizing, not only this but the overall Mel course at Cafe Mercara is a visual treat.

Vazhaipoo Cutlet 


NOthing beats my mom’s Vazhaipoo cutlet so i cannot rate it as the best but it was good , the ingredients could have been better so that the taste would have got a better flavour.


Brie En  Croûte – World Cuisine 



It is one of the Dish from the World Cuisine which was presented with Roasted Asparagus,quince orange  jelly and wine soused Grapes.  The pastry wrapped Brie (Cheese) has baked where the cheese has been semi melted  while the croute had crusty outside with the gooey soft cheese inside.

Local Love 

Idiyappam, Malabar Parotta – No complaints, It was the way it has to be authentic and tasty. The flakky parrotas and soft Idiyappa reminded of home food.

Chettinad Chicken gravy and Green CurryChettinad Chicken curry  was good but needed little more of spice to it. when bringing the Local food to table it always has the image of the authenticity of the cuisine which it belongs and i find its missing in this dish. The green curry was delicious.


                 The Quote  ”Save Room For Desserts” is perfect when you Dine in at Cafe Mercara .


Kulfi Falooda in Rabdi with Pomegranate Glaze and cut Pistachios is Definitely the exotic and  a well Put Dessert. the idea of incorporating different flavours into a dessert would have been a task but this is a Winning Dessert for me,completely.  


Milk Chocolate Parfait and Darjeeling Tea NameLaka is an Experimental dessert . The Raspberry Sorbet had the strong flavour and i wasn’t  happy with the other which had a bitter taste to it. but Thumbs Up for the creativity.


The efforts that has been taken by the staffs to keep us occupied with the food was Engaging and less waiting time, Chef Nikhil Merchant and his team has given wonderful Dishes which was outstanding in terms of Presentation and had unique flavours with some world cuisine foods.


Cafe Mercara’s New menu has It All ! From Healthy Swasthya Cuisine, Vegan Food, Choose wisely Seafood , Exotic Dessert selection, World cuisine to Local love  with  lot of these advantages and upgradation comes with the  Equivalent Price Tag. The New Menu is  a Definite Try and I highly Recommend.

Happy Eating ! 🙂

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*All comments on the quality of the food and service or the overall quality of the experience remain completely my own are strictly what I experienced at the event.There will be absolutely no sugar-coating, unless I feel that there is reasonable exception which deserves mentioning. All photographs and content are property of HungryChennaiFoodie. If you would like to share any of my posts or photos, I ask that you please link them back to my original post or blog.*


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