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Benjarong is the First Thai specialized cuisine restaurant in chennai back in 2000 and since then it’s been serving the best Thai food in Chennai. Benjarong  celebrates it’s  17 years of glorious Thai food by putting up a food festival.  the chef has curated a special set menu for the ‘Lanna Food Festival’ which exhibits the ancient time dishes. ‘Lanna’ is the ancient Kingdom which was famous for its Rice fields as well the food which had unique and Traditional, The food that presides in the Northern regions of Thailand. Lanna is also the regional cuisine of thailand which belies a rich culinary tradition of sophisticated depth and breadth. 

Read on to know about the Dishes on the Special Menu. 


SOUP – Tom Jeaw


 It’s very rare that I try Fish soup at restaurants but the Chef insisted that it will be the best one and it was indeed a Best Fish soup I tasted so Far. Loved the fact that there wasn’t an odd fish smell in the soup. Fried Eggplants, Oyster mushrooms, Herbs and Basa Fish Cubes in strong yet flavourful Thick Soup is a must try.

SALAD – Som Tam Fa Rang


It’s a classic yet Traditional Salad originated From Chiang Mai. The presentation was appealing and the way fruits have been cut was interesting. Spicy Guava, Papaya, cherry Tomatoes, onions, Prawns and Cashew nuts Tossed in Chilli flakes makes it to the best Salad List.



It’s a Chicken Satay with simple ingredients from lanna cuisine. Ping gai is a flattened and marinated chicken piece skewered on bamboo and charcoal grilled. There were 2 dips which was hand pounded mixture of green chilli and tangy Larb dip. The satay tasted Delicious and unique.

Aep Goong

The star Dish and one of my favourite from the Lanna Menu. This is a typical ancient style dish prepared by few ingredients and grilled in banana leaves.  The succulent prawns have been marinated in green chilli paste which gives a spicy flavour and the aromatic flavours from the grilled banana leaves were just amazing.


NOODLES – Khao Soi


Flat Noodles in Curry sauce with chicken shreds, hard Boiled eggs topped with Crispy Fried Noodles. Turmeric and other curry powders went into the making of this curry sauce which wasn’t overpowering and the chicken shreds had the whole flavours of the sauce.

FRIED RICE – Khao Pahd Nampik Noom


The one dish which I wish it has to go on their Regular Menu is Khao Pahd Nampik Noom. This isn’t regular Thai fried Rice, Finding chicken pieces are regular but Fried chicken sausages are exotic. Everything about this dish is Different and delicious from finding Fresh Tender peppercorns in the middle of 3 spoons to Spicy chicken sausages. #5starseasily

Gai Pahd Bai Horappa


Succulent Chicken morsels are stir fried and cooked with pokchoy in Spicy Thai red chillies and sweet basil sauce. The chicken was Tender and spicy yet delectable. The pokchoy clearly had a taste of the sweet basil and Red chillies.


Khanun Delight


Truly Delightful! This Dessert is irresistible and there is a lot of work which went into the making.  The jackfruits are stewed in cinnamon , honey until it’s  nice and got the flavours into it and then added to the jackfruit ice cream.


Lanna Food festival brings out the authentic ancient dishes to the table. The main ingredient is the green curry paste which is vastly used in the dishes which makes it unique. This menu has a lot of dishes which are different and are bought back from Northeast Thailand which are exquisite. People who loves Thai cuisine will Definitely Enjoy this festival.

Address : Benjarong . 146, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018

Phone : 044 2432 2640 for Reservations. 

Happy Eating !:)

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