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Who Doesn’t Snack? We People Snack Every Time say at HOme,Workplace, Travel, school, College i Mean EveryWhere. Indians are Born Snackers and we cannot live without Munching Kara Sev to Ferrero rocher. The Fun Part is We eat anything and Everything and Term it as Snacks But Are they Healthy ? and it’s a Straight NO! so we need to snack but it has to be healthy Too. This is where Snack Experts comes in the Rescue to To Provide us with a Wide Range of Healthy Snack Items at a Minimal Price Range.

Why, What & Who  ?

Snack Experts Promotes Snacks that are safer, Healthier  and better for people. From Increased Rates of Cancer and Diabetes To climate Change. It has become clear that the eatable we put in us,on us and Around us and they way those products are sourced,Manufactured and delivered is causing us all Real Harm,instead of Nourishing. so Snack experts with the a Expert Nutritionist curates snacks according to Preferences which are Chemical Free, No artificial Sugar, No Emulsifier, Hydrogenated Oils.

Everyone wants to use Ingredients That are safe and Healthier for our bodies,our families and our community. So Arul, Arun and Shamal  who are Snack Lovers wanted to Bring up something that doesn’t Compromise on health also has to be a Snacks, when they couldn’t find so they Created Snack Expert for Everyone. 

My Experience 


Chocolate Flapjack is a sweeter and more tastier option. For the people like me, who doesn’t like oats this is a good Variant. i felt that the chocolate chips in the oats mix was very sweeter to my taste buds.Original Flapjack seed was New to me, it’s a mix of few seeds like pumpkin  and other dry seeds with Jagerry and Butter. when i first had the chocolate Flapjack i was convinced that the original flapjack will be a boring one but i was excited to find a lot of seeds in the original flapjack which we dont eat it otherwise.  I used these Flapjacks as a part of my diet plan and it comes handy and a quick option with a lot of ingredients which are high in fiber.

Kodo Millet Crisps is also known as Varagu in tamil, Kodo millet is very rich in dietary fibre and protein in addition to all the general millet characteristics (gluten-free, low glycemic index, high fibre, etc) so i totally Enjoyed Munching.

Dry Fruit Mix comes handy and i use it in Smoothies , sweets and They are great for snacking when lounging around or on the road. The mix contains Dehydrated Raisins, Pineapple and Cranberries.


What they Offer :

Sweety Retreats – Chocolate Brownie, Figgy Bar.

Fruits & Nuts Extravaganza – Honey Roasted Cashew, Old Fashioned Nut mix, Figgy Chips & Nuts,Natural Trail Mix.

Flapjack Fairies – Chocolate, almond & Cinnamon and Original.

Sassy Seeds – Sweet,Sassy and Tri Mixed.

Scintillating savouries – Urad Dhal and Oats & nuts Ladoo

Fruits Fosterage – Papaya & Berry Mix, Kiwi Amla Bonanza ,Pineapple Guava Falooda,Dry Fruits Mix, Apricot Berry Punch, Triberry Medley.

Other than this they also have Ragi twisters,Bitter gourd crackers,Ragi mixture,Ragi crunchies, Ragi crispies, Kodo millet crispies ,Foxtail millet twists, Channa mix, Barnyard crispies

All these Snacks comes under

     Trial box – INR  150 per box

  •  3 pouches of Best of our snacks
  •   50 g per pouch

    Standard box – INR 699 per box

  • 5 Standard snack pouches in a box
  •  150 g per pouch

       Smart snacker – INR 1799 for 3 boxes

  • 5 Standard snack pouches in a box
  • 150 g per pouch
  • COD facility available
  • Choose how often they should deliver your snacks
  • Free #ichoosehealth goodies worth 300

Order from —> Website

Snack Helpline – 044-49540010

Happy Snacking! 🙂


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