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Va Pho’ is the New Fun Asian Restaurant which is grabbing all the attentions in the Food scene In Chennai. Myself and a couple of Food bloggers were invited to try the Fun menu Last Week and here is my Take on the Food and Everything related. The waiting time is less and affordable canteen style price.

I’m a Huge fan of ASian food and I love exploring the Dishes which each Restaurant offers in the menu, for all the Pan Asian restaurant i visited so far there always has been the same dishes which has been repeated in other Places too but Va pho has got a lot new dishes from various places which are exquisite and has a typical flavours to it. So here is my food experience at Va Pho.


Starting with my Favourite Royal Madras A drink which is all you need for this climate Classic Tender coconut water with dash of cinnamon was a kick starter. Yummy Creamy is a perfect mango delight which so thick and creamy. guava ,lychee and lemon with the Grenadine syrup drink which was sweet and had a little bit of tart flavour and just as the  name Rangoon Princess, Thinking about something  refreshing and new then Bangkok Mojito is the drink that you should order, Miloni Crush is a perfect Tropical drink with the perfect blend of melon and pineapple.

SOUP – Saigon Pao


Saigon Pao is  Vietnamese Soup which has a lot of strong Flavors, Chicken shreds, Rice Noodles, Ginger slice,  shallots and Spring onions in a Thick flavoured Chicken bRoth Garnished with Herbs, Fresh Soy bean sprouts and lime.

SALADS – Banana Blossom 


What makes the salad Delicious is the Vietnamese Dressing. This is quite an unusual salad. Finely shred Banana Blossom Tossed in sweet chilli sauce with Ginger, Onions, crushed peanuts gave the crunchiness to the salad and the int leaves was refreshing add to it. A Classic Salad!



Chunks of shrimp wrapped in crystal clear translucent dough . the fillings were delicate and at right proposition.


Chongqing crispy chilli lamb


Lamb Diced and wok TOssed in Chilli sauce, The Lamb has been cooked beautifully which was perfect to bite not chewy.  Crispy and Yummy.

Va Pho Prawns

Prawns are Tossed in spicy sambal sauce, the sauce has a complex flavour which i dint enjoy much but Every  bite was burst of  Briny flavour of the prawns.

MINI PLATES – GRILL – Balinese Chicken Satay


The Chicken satay has been infused with lot of flavours which was different from the usual satay and the peanut sauce was yummy.

BAO – BBQ Chicken


It is a White Soft Bun which are steamed loaded with BBQ chicken will stuff you enough that you don’t feel HUngry any more.  It’s a DElight and a Must order Dish at VApho.



This would a Treat to those who likes sizzler, Prawns, Bok Choy and Broccoli served in  black bean soy sauce. the Prawns were Good and cooked perfectly in the sauce, the black bean sauce has a subtle, deeply savoury taste which gave a wonderful taste to the prawns.

NOODLES – Spicy Malay Noodles


Yellow Noodles are stir fried  with chilli sauce and mellowed down with the flavour of Coconut milk, the Vegetables and chicken shreds adds the crunch and make a complete dish. 

RICE – Va Pho Rice


This is my Favourite Dish. Lovely Golden Brown Onions mixed in a Spicy Stir fried rice was a mix of flavour and the idea of adding Fresh peppercorns is my favourite part.  overall This had Right ingredients to make the dish standout.

DESSERT – Tender Coconut Ice cream Stick


Are you a Fan of Tender coconut Fan? Then Order This right away !. The Presentation was Pleasing with dash of Green jelly in the middle of white Coconut Ice cream stick dipped in pink Coconut Cream settled in the Glass Tea Cup, the Sago pearls added the texture to the plane cream. It is a summery Dessert with a Mild sweetness and has the Best Coconut Cream.



Do not Underestimate The Jumbo Monster Sundae, Make sure you dine in with People who Doesn’t Mind spending Extra Few hours with a Dessert bowl. A Huge Bowl arrived the Table and I could see Scoops of Vanilla,Butterscotch and chocolate Ice cream set and topped with Gems, Jelly, candy, wafers, Choco Sticks, Cherry and Nuts finally Nitrogen is added it, It’s Simple yet Delicious for the Lil extra Dessert Carvings.


Food ,Quality, Taste and Price Everything on Top Notch . The ambience is New with a lot of quickness and colors, Interesting Elements in the Interiors are the Fun Props, The funky Auto , Board games, yellow Cycle which adds the extra glamour to the place. The Menu is well put up with a lot of thoughts and interesting dishes from various places . Price is one of the factor i highly impressed with and Va Pho is the only Standalone Asian Restaurant in Chennai which has Every aspect on place when you call it a Asian Cuisine.. This will be Easily my Pick for the Best Asian Restaurant in chennai.

Happy Eating !:) 

A good Meal For 2 cost : INR 1000

Address : 73, Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai. Phone : 04448566555

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*All comments on the quality of the food and service or the overall quality of the experience remain completely my own are strictly what I experienced at the event.There will be absolutely no sugar-coating, unless I feel that there is reasonable exception which deserves mentioning. All photographs and content are property of HungryChennaiFoodie. If you would like to share any of my posts or photos, I ask that you please link them back to my original post or blog.*


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