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Food & Friday are the Best Partners and nothing can be more exciting if you get to eat all you want, calling it as ‘Unlimited’ is the Best word. If you love Sushi or  want to Try Sushi for the First time, Then this is a Deal! Five Senses at The Westin Velachery is hosting ‘Unlimited Sushi on Friday Nights‘ Till June 27, 2017 at INR 1450. When it comes to Japanese Cuisine, there aren’t many Restaurants in Chennai which delivers much authentic Japanese dishes and the menu gets altered according to the region. when I was longing for a more traditional sushi experience, while I was merely curious as to whether they are really eating “Japanese food” when I go out for sushi. Five senses restaurant is the perfect place for  that experience.


Th Restaurant is on the First Level of the Hotel. claiming up the stairs is the sight of the huge lavish corridor and at the corner is 5 senses welcoming us with an interesting Chinese Alphabet art piece which gives the vibration of the place. the furniture are Neat and Comfortable, looking around the art works in the restaurant gives the feel of dining in a place at japan or china with a dragon art decorating a corner of the dining. The highlight of the place is the Cage structured dining area in the center which has been pulled up with cage light hangings which makes the place artistic. The red and black color dominate the ambiance shades even in the cutlery and the open kitchen is even more interesting factor about this restaurant.

Menu & Sushi


There is a Special menu for the Sushi night which has been curated by chef.Devender and team with option of Veg & Non veg.

Non.veg Platter


Sake maki which is sushi & cucumber roll. it was light and good,if you are new to sushi start with this. Crisp and savory can be best to describe the Ebi Tempura Uramaki roll, the batter fried prawns was the crispy and the taste of savory complemented it very well. the next is my favorite sushi of the day which is California roll with  avocado, crab stick and Japanese mayo. the twist is, it’s a reverse sushi. so the rice comes  first on the outside then the seaweed and the meat.  the fattest sushi of all is the Futomaki with salmon,tuna,cucumber and lettuce. the variety of filling in the sushi make it interesting and was delicious. the last one was Nigiri , which is a raw salmon on vinegar-ed rice. it was exotic to m taste and This is a whole new experience for me.


Service was 5/5. I totally overwhelmed by the courteous staffs and this completes the overall dining experience to good to very good.

Boiling To Down 

‘Unlimited sushi’ is a New concept to Chennai and If you are that someone awaiting to experience the exotic sushi on the plate then this is the must try. Exotic + Unlimited comes with Price Tag which is worth it.

Happy Eating !:)

Five Sen5es - The Westin Chennai Velachery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. Ramaraj says:

    Best Restaurant in Chennai for sushi lovers. Saravanan did great’s best place .value for money…


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