From Kasimedu to the Dining Room|Kasimedu Special |Park Hyatt

We all know Kasimedu is a Seafood Paradise and not everyone could have enjoyed Tasting the Fresh catch from the Wharf Directly. To give that Experience, The Dining Room at The Park Hyatt is hosting a Seafood Festival called “Kasimedu Special” Exclusively to experience the local Kasimedu style Feast of Freshest catch. The festival focuses on Indian and international Coastal Menu by bringing in lot of dishes around the world. The festival is from July 16th to 26th of July.

About the Festival Menu:

  • The Buffet Menu will change on a rotational Basis.
  • There will be 4 to 5 catch of the day Fish, Prawns and Local Mud crabs.
  • Live Grills.
  • Buffet serves coastal specialities from different regions both international and domestic which consists of Salads , Soups, Carving and main course .

SOUP –  Clear Seafood Soup


The seafood Broth was strongly flavoured with Button mushrooms and  Prawns. The noodles in the soup gave a nice texture with the good consistency. its not not for the people who dont like strong seafood flavours.


Started with the Crispy and mild Crab cakes,  it was good but could have had more crab flavour and the next was the fried basa fish pieces, it was crispy and had no bones which makes less Messy work.




Grilled Prawns is a Jumbo Prawns perfectly grilled with light seasoning was a Good start followed by Ladyfish which is a local favourite fried in spices and my favourite. Grilled Fish was little bland to my taste but you can choose cooking style and marination for the grills so options are plenty. all the grills and starters were served in a boat shaped eco friendly plates which along with the seafood theme.




IMG_20170717_191859-01Goen Prawn curry and Steamed  Rice is a Killer combination, The Goan style Prawn with some spicy masala and succulent coconut gravy was delicious, i also tried Thai Green Curry with Steamed Rice. The flavours in the Thai curry was Deliciously Aromatic and Authentic Tasting. KariMeen Pollichathu is a Treat displayed on the buffet counter. This kerala style kariMeen Pollichathu was covered in banana leaves and roasted Finely. the texture was delicate and nicely crusted.  A Perfect treat from the sea.


We Settled with Few must try from the Dessert counter. the strawberry & yogurt cream was delicious and lemon pudding which was so good with the hint of fresh lemon. the fruit tart  was usual but then there are a lot of other options too.


PRICE : INR 1700 Plus tax.


‘Kasimedu special’ seafood festival is a experience to enjoy the fresh catch seafood and  options which are available to choose our own cooking style and marinations is a bonus. the pricing is a bit large considering it’s Seafood. with a Rotational menu and wide buffet menu,this is surely a HIT!

From Kasimedu to The Dining Room ! 

Happy Eating !:)



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