As You Name It |Fabelle|ITC Grand Chola

Fabelle is the New Indian Luxury chocolate brand By ITC , After a decade of  Research and putting together a lot of love and thought to create finest chocolates ITC has launched the brand Fabelle at the Gardenia hotel in Bangalore. Soon after months of the first store they have spread the wing to Kolkata and now to Namma Chennai.

Fabelle says ” The Cocoas are sourced from the finest cocoa growing countries of Africa and Latin America. These are then couched for hours – a process of slow churning of chocolate to bring out the most sensational flavours and exquisite aromas.The chocolate is then tempered to perfection resulting in the unique, velvety mouth-feel of Fabelle. Our master chocolatiers then combine this fine chocolate with exotic ingredients to create a symphony of exquisite tastes,textures and aromas for the unique Fabelle experience. From Ghana to Cote D’Ivoire, Madagascar to Santo Domingo, Venezuela to Sao Tome, we’ve selected the choicest cocoas from the cocoa heartlands to help create a unique luxury experience.”

AS YOU LIKE IT : Be a Master Chef

Fabelle Personalised Chocolate Cups (1).jpg

AS YOU LIKE IT by the name goes this chocolate box is designed to deliver the choice of the customers,with just 3 Steps you can create your own chocolate cups. All you gotta do is choose your cup  which is milk or dark cups, Next choose your  delectable fillings Pick from  the 7 fillings  Milk Choco crème, Dark choco,  créme, White creme, Dark almond Choco creme,  Dark mint choco créme, Berry preserve, Caramel and finally Garnish your cup with choice of 10  toppings Choco curves, Choco crust ,Cocoa powder, Powdered sugar, Almond slices, Roasted almond bits, Cocoa nibs, French sea salt crystals, Butterscotch nibs, Arabica coffee. 

But what is so special about it ?

Fabelle - As You Name It.png

There is something exciting! so #Asyoulikeit Creations are now AS YOU NAME IT! While you make your Favourite cup creations, you can Name them After you and a picture of your creation on the cover of the box.  Just like i did. The Fun of Naming the chocolates you made after you is Priceless and is a great excitement of joy! 

The picture of my creation printed with My name on it.


I choose Milk chocolate cup and filled with dark mint choco creme and topped with Almond slices. Named it “As Priya Likes it”

My creation of #Asyoulikeit Cups

Price : Single chocolate cup creation INR 100, Assortment of six chocolate cup creations INR 500, Assortment of twelve chocolate cup creations INR 1000.

*The price is Not inclusive of Tax and it comes along with the Takeaway boxes.

Personally I loved the As you like it range and now adding some surprise as you name it will be my favourite. Fabelle is an Affordable Luxury chocolate Boutique and A must try. Now you have Lots of reasons To Gift your Loved ones 🙂



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