” Eyes are useless when Mind is Blind” | Dialogues in the Dark | Express Avenue

‘’Only in the darkness you can see the stars” is a True quote which I realised after visiting ‘Dialogues in the Dark’. Lot of questions on my mind like how can there be a dining experience in the dark, is it even possible? But my experience broke all the questions and proved anything is possible with self-confidence. It was more like a life lesson learnt in those 45 minutes of experience inside the dark closed-door.

After reaching the place and registering we have given lockers to keep our bags, phones and watch. A token also has been given to us from the registration. The first step inside was with the direction of our Guide Mr.Vel Murugan. It was pitch dark, more like  you re blinded. Vel murugan was humble and was very confident who took us to the dinning space with step by step direction. All I hear is the laughter and people talking, I hardly had any clue who is sitting opposite to us. after collecting the tokens and being seated we asked about food preferences, we choose the N.veg option. The moments after arriving to the dining area I realised that there are a bunch of unknown people seated opposite and all they do is genuinely loving the food and making conversation. Minutes later, plates were placed in front of us with a water bottle and a Tiffin carrier (with a warning sign that the food is hot). Everyone was excited about the food and started to explore each dish from the 3 tiffin boxes. 

It was quite a task to touch and feel the food before eating it and not to spill them. so the Tiffin box had Tandoori chicken, Corn pulao, Chicken gravy and Rotis. That was a meal for soul and it’s been a while since I had lunch this peacefully in a healthy conversation with my brother . We bothered nothing, how messy are our plates or who is sitting next to us. The food was delicious and the quantity was good enough for one person. As soon we finished the plates and tiffin carriers has been set back and cleaned from the table. 

We then escorted to the exist safely after listening to our feedback. Mr. vel Murugan is such a gem and the guides who works there are people who we have to look up to and learn how to be so brave and strong. It was an emotional journey for me; the next thought is to bring my family the next visit.

‘’Dialogues in the dark’’ is a MUST visit place. A place you can find a lot of meaning how people at Dark  handle things to the people who lives in the lights. Hats off to the entire team, who bought this concept to the city. Remember ‘without the Darkness we’d never see the stars. These special people doesn’t need sympathy, a little bit of encouragement will do.

Special thanks to Ananth for taking this place to the next level.

Veg food is priced at INR 299 plus Tax and N.veg food is INR 349 plus tax.

This Darkness Is a Must Visit.


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  1. Monali Shah says:

    Hey! need to connect with you. It will be great if you can share your contact details on +91 9892290606. Awaiting your response. Thanks!


    1. Hungrychennaifoodie says:

      hi monali, contact me at mail hungrychennaifoodie@gmail.com or call at 9791048113


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